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Kubernetes with Microservices Training

Kubernetes is an open source orchestration system for container based distributed applications. Originally created by Google based on principles from its internal orchestration system (e.g Borg), Kubernetes is now developed on GitHub, it provides several level of fault-tolerance, scalability and useful primitives that go beyond the single container concept.
6 Days
10 Jun To 15 Jun 2019
19:30 - 22:30 (Online)
INR 14999.00(Amount Exclusive of all taxes and 18% GST)
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Course Content

  • Learn how 12-factor apps and the microservices design pattern make modern applications easier to deploy and maintain.
  • Learn history of docker
  • Installation
  • Understanding architecture
  • Deploying docker containers
  • Managing lifecycle of docker containers
  • Use Docker to build container images that package an application and its dependencies for deployment on a single machine.
  • Understanding Use Case
  • Understanding Architecture
  • Understanding Components
  • Installing Kubernetes on a 4 node VM cluster
  • Deploying apps with docker on kubernetes
  • Managing launched instance’s life cycle
  • Setting up an interface on kubernets (cockpit)
  • Scaling up and down on kubernetes Manually
  • Implementing Autoscaling on Kubernetes
  • Understanding differences between Kubernetes and PaaS (Openshift)
  • Understanding tools and products based on Kubernetes
  • Implementing a minimal Openshift environment locally
  • Application Management on Openshift
  • Deployments through code
  • Replication Controller through code
  • Pods through code
  • Multi-container pods through code
  • Deploy and Manage an example real world application on Kubernetes