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React JS

ReactJS, the open source JavaScript library designed by Facebook, has allowed web apps to be faster and more efficient. While many organizations tend to use Angular, programmers and developers are still forced to write a lot of code. Developers using other frameworks were faced with the challenge of having to rewrite most codes. ReactJS, on the other hand, has started becoming more popular among developers and organizations as it allows them to break down complex components and reuse them to complete projects faster. IIHT’s ReactJS training course aims to give candidates a strong foundation on how React allows developers to master the development of a user interface easily. Our training programme will enable candidates to build ReactJS application using server-side react components, Relay and GraphQL. The candidates will train under industry experts and each topic in the course will be followed by a mini-project to ensure that have hands-on experience to work with ReactJS.

Use React & React Native to build cross platform and cross browser web applications and also UI rich native mobile apps

Integrate with Flux Data architecture and Relay to create powerful and feature rich applications from a single code base

Utilise Facebook’s innovative UI libraries and build reusable UI components that can be used in any web or mobile app

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We recommend that attendees of this course have the following prerequisites:

  • Experience working with HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript
  • Experience developing a web or UI application

Course Content

Why React JS ?

  • Rendering with JSX with React JS
  • Understanding Properties and State with React JS
  • Event Handling – The React Way with React JS
  • Crafting Reusable Components with React JS
  • The React Component Lifecycle with React JS
  • Validating Component Properties with React JS
  • Extending Components with React JS
  • Handling Navigation with Routes with React JS
  • Server-Side React Components with React JS
  • Mobile-First React Components with React JS


Why React Native?

  • Kick-start React Native Projects
  • Building Responsive Layouts with Flexbox with React JS
  • Navigating Between Screens with React JS
  • Rendering Item Lists with React JS
  • Showing Progress with React JS
  • Geolocation and Maps with React JS
  • Collecting User Input with React JS
  • Alerts, Notifications, and Confirmation with React JS
  • Responding to User Gestures with React JS
  • Controlling Image Display with React JS
  • Going Offline with React JS
  • Handling Application State with React JS
  • Why Relay and GraphQL? with React JS