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Angular Js

Organizations tend to use Angular, the JavaScript based development framework, to create Single Page Applications. The open source framework has been quite popular for creating dynamic apps as it reduces the amount of code that needs to be written significantly. Companies invest in AngualrJs even though it doesn’t provide any groundbreaking solutions to developers because it simplifies the development process and structure of JavaScript code entirely. IIHT’s AngularJs training program empowers candidates to upskill and master front-end web development, and thoroughly learn concepts like the scope of Angular, single-page applications, installing dependencies, routes, pipes, and navigation. Candidates will train under industry experts and will have hands-on experience by working on assignments and projects that teach them to use JavaScript, editors, Node etc.

Develop single page web applications, that are fast & easy to scale, using Angular 4

Gain in-depth understanding of MVC framework & core capabilities of Angular Application

Code using TypeScript and Unit test all components of Angular application

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We recommend that attendees of this course have the following prerequisites:

  • Experience working with HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript
  • Experience developing any web or UI application

Course Content

  • Introduction
  • Why Angular?
  • Scope and Goal of Angular
  • Who Uses Angular?
  • Architecture (Big Picture/Concepts)
  • Model-View Patterns Reviewed
  • Single-page Application vs Traditional Web Application Architectures
  • Browser Support
  • Overview of Setup/Installation
  • Our first Angular Application


npm QuickStart

  • Installing Dependencies
  • global installs
  • local installs
  • package.json
  • sharing dependencies
  • updating/uninstalling dependencies
  • Using npm as a Build Tool
  • What about Grunt and Gulp?
  • Your First Script
  • Shortcut Scripts
  • Running Local Node Modules


Combining Scripts

  • Introduction to Typescript, understanding, compiling,  Type annotations
  • Components, Modules, Boostrapping, Nesting Components, Templates, Models
  • Data Binding, Directives, Different kinds of directives
  • Services & Dependency Injection
  • Routes, Pipes & Navigations
  • Forms & Form validations
  • Data Architectures, MVC, New Architectures – Observables & Reactive Programming, Flux