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Microsoft Excel (Advanced)

IIHT’s Advanced Excel training program is designed to give learners an insight into some of the more advanced features in Microsoft Excel that will prove beneficial for those who want to build or work with financial models, carry out detailed data analysis and automate tasks by recording macros.

Leverage data with Pivot Tables & Pivot Charts

Automate Excel tasks with time-saving macros

Master data tools like sorting, subtotaling, and filtering

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Experience of building spreadsheets on Microsoft Excel


Course Content

  •  Using the Scenario Manager
  •  Creating and editing scenarios
  •  Creating a Scenario Report
  •  Using Goal Seek
  •     The single-variable data table
  •     The two-variable data table
  •     Adding conditional formatting
  •     Applying an outline
  •     Automatic outlining
  •     Displaying and collapsing levels
  •     Modifying outline settings
  •     Creating subtotals
  •     Creating a pivot table
  •     Defining the source range
  •     Inserting. moving and deleting fields
  •     Showing and hiding fields
  •     Grouping and ungrouping fields
  •     Renaming fields
  •     Defining field properties
  •     Formatting a pivot table
  •     Refreshing a pivot table
  •     Drilling down
  •  About macros and VBA
  •     Macro security
  •     Recording macros
  •     Running a Macro
  •     Absolute and relative references
  •     Saving and distributing macros
  •     Assigning a macro to a button
  •     Editing macro code
  •     Automatic macros