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Learning Transformation

IIHT presents IT Workforce Transformation, a service to help you up-skill your workforce in the most efficient way. Being the go-to IT trainer, skill force consultant and tech evangelist for over two decades, IIHT has helped corporates achieve their organizational goals.

Organizational Requirements

With cloud computing and other new technologies taking over the IT industry, it is inevitable for organizations to upskill part of their workforce if not, in some cases, run a complete overhaul of the workforce. Technologies constantly roll out new versions with new features and organizations benefit best when their workforce is competent in making optimal use of the best available technologies and their latest versions. But current work culture generally does not provide enough time for employees to upskill or cross-skill themselves sufficiently. Even if they do, there is a possibility of mismatch of skillset upskilled in and skillset the organization needs. Another major concern for organizations is uneven levels of skillset available in teams.

IIHT Solutions

As per th IT Workforce Transformation service, we train your existing workforce in regards to emerging technologies and as per other industry requirements. We help them to keep up with the pace of the innovations, in this ever-changing field of technology. IIHT focuses on hands on experience in technologies, so your workforce is ready to get on job right on Day 1 after training.


Performance Consulting

Every year, HR solutions and learning are implemented with minimal change in performance or impact. This occurs due to active management involvement that performance change demands. This also requires implementations of multiple solutions. Performance consulting is a process that is designed in order to achieve optimal business results through maximization of organizational and people performance.

This practice became popular during the early 2000s. Performance consulting is a methodology that evolved from the discipline of instructional design. It is carried out by performance consultants who employ system thinking approach to solving problems of workplace performance. Today, performance consulting involves acknowledgement of various environmental factors that make an impact on the performance when analysis is carried out. While instructional design and development of learning and training solutions can assist with building skills and knowledge alone, performance consulting is a more investigative process. With changing environments, performance consulting has certainly become a must in today’s corporate world.

IIHT believes that providing content is just a beginning stage, but to make it successful, we need to ensure that an inclusive learning environment needs to be created in terms of packaging the set of courses depending on learning objectives;

  • Let learner know the level of course
  • Formative and summative assessments providing instant feedback
  • Integrate as part of the course packages
  • Project work to reflect and understand their ability to apply skills learnt
  • Evaluate the project work and provide feedback to learners on their performance

The purpose

  • Process aimed at producing business results by improving the performance of people
  • Aim of this consulting process - to explain the “how” and the “what” the organization wants to accomplish
  • Focused on results
  • To ultimately enhance the organization’s overall performance
  • Focuses on implementing solutions and achieving sustained results
  • Supports company business goals

IIHT as performance consultants

With over 2 decades of training, evangelizing and being a leading consultant, IIHT are experts in the IT business and human performance technology while collaborating and partnering with organizations around the world. IIHT has collaborated with leading organizations to diagnose performance problems and recommend solutions

Performance consultants are also:

  • Agents of Change
  • Responsible for establishing and maintaining healthy partnerships with leaders of the organization
  • Recorders of training results and non-training actions, to gauge any change in performance and benefits derived out of it
  • Consultants who use assessments to study performance gaps and the reasons that cause these gaps

Long Tail Technologies Training

Working with niche long tail technologies can be an exclusive service, but it also required exclusive training. When it comes to long tail technologies training, corporate needs to identify needs, introduces training and collaborates for completion. Highly specialized in providing global class IT training solutions to top IT companies across the world, IIHT also provides learning solutions in long tail technologies. These technologies, like Cucumber have few takers but are always in demand by the handful few transcending trends and timelines.

These extremely niche and elite technologies require top end training that is just as rare. The trainers at IIHT pass on their expertise to your workforce while guiding them closely in well equipped labs. What makes IIHT’s long tail technologies’ learning solutions is that they are also flexible making it customizable to the specific needs of your organization.

Resource Transformation

A Progressive Jump From One Level To Another

With constantly changing job roles, resource transformation is the need of the hour. With changing technologies taking over the IT industry, corporates are required to perform an overhaul in teams or entirety in order to keep up with the changing environment.

IIHT via Resource Transformation trains your current resources to handle varied profiles and higher designations. We help you promote your employees to the next level equipped with every skill demanded of the new role. It is an initiative to up-skill your existing workforce and thus, save your time and efforts of recruiting a new employee.

Organizational Requirements

With over 2 decades in the field of IT training in corporate field, it’s safe to say IIHT knows the industry, inside out. Every IT or IT dependent company looks:

  • To hire a new employee, is to bear the recruitment cost, training cost and also spend time in transforming him/her into a perfect fit for the organisation
  • This ofcourse is followed by time constraints and it directly affects the functioning of the organization in one or the other way
  • Therefore, organisations look forward to train their existing resources in regards to the emerging technologies and other project based skills
  • They want their existing employees to get skilled and to develop the abilities to handle higher designations and greater responsibilities

IIHT Solutions

  • Creates availability of skilled employees within the organisation, without having to rely on new resources.
  • Identifies the resources internally through various assessments and customizes the content based on the new roles and responsibilities.
  • Provides high engagement training with hands on by industry experts
  • Real time scenario based assessments and periodical assessments to track the learning effectiveness.
  • Endows certifications for assessment and validation of learning outcomes

The prospect of getting promoted to higher profiles gives great encouragement to employees and plays a crucial role in bringing down attrition levels.

In today’s IT industry, implementation of newer technologies create constantly evolving roles that did not exist earlier. This requires intensive training in technical skills, managerial skills and skills in use of new methodologies. IIHT’s role based resource transformation training encourages internal hiring and re-skilling or upskilling of current employees in order to make them eligible and competent in new job roles.

The expert team for role based Resource Transformation goes through the following steps to create an effective course:

  • Identify courses basis specific business need
  • Implement in employees’ personal learning plans and career goals
  • Integrate plan with organisation’s competency model based on the role
  • Ensure springboard for internal hiring

To cite an example of role based training, the number one challenge companies cite in adapting their businesses to the modern, technology-centric world the Cloud has enabled is finding people with the skills required to be competitive. Cloud technology has created new job roles that require different skills. The roles are evolving from a Windows Server Admin or Exchange Admin to things like DevOps, Data Science, Enterprise Mobility, and Business Intelligence. This need to skill-up and stay relevant in the modern workforce creates demand for new learning opportunities. IIHT offers Resource transformation solutions in complete packages along with assessment.

A Pathway To Success

Skill based resource transformation is an initiative by IIHT to optimize your business operations, by expanding the capabilities of your workforce. We organize skilling programs and training sessions in regards to emerging technologies and latest innovations. This helps in enriching an employee’s career prospects and at the same time, bestows the organization with a skilled and an efficient candidate from the existing workforce.

Organizational Requirements

Technological advancements have pressurised organisations to frequently up-skill their employees as per the industry demands. Emerging technologies and new launches make it mandatory for them to stay updated. An organization can use new technologies only if the employees’ are adept at using them. This essentially increases quality of end products giving any organization an edge over its’ competitors. Using latest technological tools, emerging methodologies and implementation in real time projects requires not just a keen-to-learn work force. It is essential to have the right kind of skilling program that is customized to the needs of your organization. Keeping this requirement in mind, IIHT presents Skilling, a service to help you up-skill your workforce and to help them keep up the pace of the latest innovations in the field of technology

IIHT Solutions

  • Appropriate solution to the requirement, advantageous to both Company as well as the Workforce.
  • Designs customised programmes in accordance to the organisational needs and industry specifications.
  • Renders on-job training programme; schedules and monitors batches considering the smooth functioning of the organisation.
  • Provides high volume training and ensures delivery within specific timelines and budget.
  • Standardized training as a part of competency development at all levels, planned according to the stated training requirements by the business units
  • Adds to the overall job satisfaction of employees when there is an impetus like new skill development.

The skilling programme significantly lowers HR costs for organizations which is an added benefit.