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Learning Services

Digital transformation, machine learning, IoT and all other new kinds of technologies are taking over the IT industry today. This is why training has become a critical enabler and crucial component in the pursuit of performance for companies. A successful learning service provider always focuses on taking care of global competitiveness in the IT industry. This is done via customized learning programs. IIHT furthers its stance as a leader in this business by constantly reinventing itself along with the industry. IIHT enables its customers to stay ahead by creating cutting edge hybrid learning solutions like Techademy.

There is a need to build on the existing platform or create a new one to transition from offering one-time training events to offering Learning as a Service; from delivering standard ILT training to delivering customized training solutions; from engaging customers once-per-year to providing continuous learning services. The top challenge that companies cite with respect to adapting their business to the digital, technology centric world is finding people with required skills or urgent need for re-skilling of current workforce. The roles are evolving from server admins into DevOps, Business intelligence etc and this need to skill-up and stay relevant in the modern workforce creates demand for new learning opportunities. IIHT offers the best learning services spread across 2000 highly customizable learning solutions in the latest technologies to pick from.


Freshers Readiness Programme

Campus to corporate

It is generally accepted that there is a lack of critical skill set amongst freshers in the IT industry that limits their employability. There seems to be an increasing imbalance between soft skills and technical knowledge that is needed in the workplace. Industries are faced with the additional challenge of major time lags in order to make newly recruited candidates project ready. The fresher’s readiness programme is designed to control the effects of the foresaid issues.

IIHT brings you the Campus to Corporate service in order to turn your ambitious freshers into reliable employees. IIHT’s comprehensive, schematically designed programme is a combination of industry orientation, skill training, project assignments and soft skill training making candidates productive from the first day of work. We give flight to fledglings in style, handholding in the beginning, just as they are used to while powering them in an all around way, preparing them for the real job world. This makes their transitional journey from campus to corporate, a smooth, and an informed, awakening one. Agile working skills, refined corporate culture and improved communication skills of global standards are easily achieved, making our programmes well demanded. IIHT takes pride in making every one of its candidates productive right from the first hour the on job. As a part of this service, we train the freshers’ to have marketable skills and also bestow them with an understanding of your company’s work environment and culture.

IIHT aims to bridge the gap between the academia and the industry. We offer well designed cost effective programmes, which will not only save your time and efforts in training your new recruits, but also transform them into perfect, effecient fits for your organisation.

Organizational Requirements

The expeditious growth, followed by intense competition in the IT sector, has hurdled organisations with time constraints. Cost effective ready-made solutions that have the option of being customized to the organization’s specific requirement are in demand. The programmes are required to be delivered efficiently, in a timely fashion, with no room for errors meeting your levels of perfection. To have freshers, who are ready to be billable resources right from the beginning is one of the core requirements of any organisation.

IIHT Solutions

Serving 200 out of the 500 fortune companies with top class IT education and upskilling solutions has made IIHT the go-to brand. IIHT is known to train in a way induction processed employees achieve their optimal productive level right at the beginning of their maiden project. This assures timely, efficient results from employees, giving both, employees and managers high levels of satisfaction and thereby creating a coherent work environment. IIHT:

  • Designs and Develops curriculum in accordance to the organisational needs and industry specifications.
  • Over 2000 ready-made solutions are available across several technologies and services across locations
  • Solutions at IIHT are flexible and can be customized to suit the needs of your organization. This is how IIHT devices exclusive solutions to its clients.
  • Renders on-job training programme; schedules and monitors batches considering the smooth functioning of the organisation
  • Ensures high volume training with provision of a Residential program manager and also proposes an advantage of choosing from a large pool of 700+ dedicated and certified trainers.
  • Tracks performance via frequent assessments and learning analytics.
  • Provides post training support, in order to supervise and administer the performance of the trained candidates.

A perfect fit for your organisation

Learning Before Joining is a solution that bestows your fresh candidates with complete industry exposure, especially in terms of technical training and makes them ready to work synchronously with the organisational goals.

Organizations want to hire candidates who are not only fit for their job profiles but are also well versed with the companies’ and industry’s work methodologies, trends and cultures. Along with an overall knowledge of the scheme of things, they also require candidates with specific skill set, and in the IT industry, skill set is a very niche area that can be handled best by people who understand IT. Candidates with the right attitude are also in high demand. Engagement of resources with the organizational mind-share is very important. To expose resources to technologies to pace up with industry standards is mandatory. Orientation of resources towards organisational goal before joining has become a must.

IIHT Solutions

Freshers need preparation, in an environment of patience and mastery, much like a bon plat, but À votre gout, done to your requirements. IIHT have been the reliable IT people for over 200 of fortune 500 companies, providing global class solutions in IT training and evangelism.

  • IIHT organizes for orientation lectures in order to prepare the candidates to fit into the new work environment like they were meant to be.
  • We conduct training sessions based on requirements
  • The sessions are technical skills or soft skills oriented, project based and also in regards to emerging technologies.
  • There are assessments and evaluation, in order to evaluate the abilities post training
  • Equalization of total work force in terms of skill set is our specialization.
  • This helps the organizations make accurate decisions on allocation of work to the appropriately skilled candidates.

This way, candidates become instantly billable and efficient resources, right from the first hour of work.

From Recruitment To Deployment

Talent on Demand is an initiative by IIHT to help you hire the best candidates from the vast talent pool and transform them into reliable employees. It is a cost effective solution to the struggles of Human Resource Management. All you need to do is, order and we serve you the most billable, trained ones.

Organizational Requirements

Organisations today, under the high pressure of delivering products and services seldom have the luxury of time to train new recruits. Therefore the demand for quality candidates is on the rise. They require candidates who fit the job role well. They also want them to have the capability to fit into the company’s work culture. Irrespective of all the investments made during the recruitment drives that include HR costs, there is still a sense of dissatisfaction as there is a huge gap between understanding and implementations. One of the reasons could be lack of technical knowledge which leads to inability of gauging and assessing candidates.

To find talented candidates or perfect fits for the organisation, is one of the major areas of concern.

IIHT Solutions

With 2.5 decades of closely association with scores of IT companies and being an IT training solution provider ourselves makes it easy for us to provide the apt candidate for any IT job role. IIHT’s far and wide reach across the country to over 150+ locations gives us easy access to trained and potential IT talent in every nook and corner. This is how IIHT has been able to fulfill the crucial requirement of providing clients with candidates who are deemed ‘perfect’ for the role matching the job description in every sense of the term. Association with IIHT:

  • Helps you to overcome the barriers of human resource management, by hiring, training and retaining staff through formal on boarding procedures.
  • Creates availability of skilled resources, by recruiting candidates as per the Customer HR Policies.
  • Conducts Pre-screening tests to assess and acquire the perfect fits for the profile and assists with complete on boarding support
  • Provides instructor led training by multiple trainers in accordance to the skills required.
  • Arranges re skilling sessions and several assessments to ensure quality and perfection.

Putting client satisfaction above all else, IIHT has a network of 800+ recruiters that speak of its

Learning Process Outsourcing

As the field of technology grows and transforms, a need for collaboration with companies that provide Learning Process Outsourcing has become inevitable. Usually, Learning Process Outsourcing requires a large experience in domain skill training, technical training and soft skill training sessions. The sector also includes extending support to organizations in easing up training operations by extending valuable services. The learning process outsourcing services need to take on the responsibility of ensuring of delivery operational perfection for on board attaining of competence. This done, all the while making an environment that supports the achievements of teams and individuals as key performance indicators. The role of learning process outsourcing includes a concentrated focus on delivery of group aligned induction programmes that are tailor made in order to meet soft-skills, technical, process, domain and client specific requirements. A development of hybrid learning that drives development of role specific competency is another feature to be looked out for.

IIHT’s Learning Process Outsourcing is a solution to provide corporate organizations anywhere in the country with global class technology training in any form. With technologies continuously upgrading, upskilling for present employees and orientation for freshers, the need for organizations to train their workforce has become inevitable. As such, training processes can add significant costs, stretch resources thin with process responsibilities. This is in addition to infrastructure cost and hiring of trainers. Training content, scheduling, conducting of training and assessment all need to be carried out by industry experts in order to get expected results.

This is where IIHT’s Learning Process Outsourcing comes into the picture. The programme is a preferred learning partner for several global corporate companies’ right from its induction 2 decades ago. Learning Process Outsourcing service at IIHT brings highly customizable solutions where clients get to pick choose and combine individual, specific portions from the spread of complete solutions, creating a solution package that is unique to their organizational set up and requirement.

The solutions promise to

  • Provide top class training processes that enable our clients to decrease costs
  • Gain quantifiable results
  • Sharpen their business focus.

The Learning Process Outsourcing programme leverages IIHT’s widespread experience across technologies and in-depth understanding of IT trends in creating Learning Process Outsourcing solutions that are viable, cost effective and efficiently delivered.

IIHT’s Learning Process Outsourcing service goes by two approaches – strategic and tactical.

The Strategic approach of Learning Process Outsourcing seeks to study your organization’s purposes, goals, growth plans and potential in a scrutinizing way in close association with the Learning and Development department of your company. With the already well researched market data, latest learning methods, global class study material of the most in-demand technologies, Learning Process Outsourcing’s strategic team aims to formulize the most viable options. The methods formulated prepare organizations for the long term growth – in terms of business and technological expertise.
The Strategic approach of Learning Process Outsourcing helps organizations adapt effectively as quickly as possible to changing trends, market scenarios and project demands. IIHT’s tactical Learning Process Outsourcing expert team works with the military precision of a surgical strike aimed at assured success for the organization.

Lateral Learning

A lot of companies today demand skilled if not multi-skilled individuals. It is no more about taking in employees to keep them sticking with just one skill all throughout their career. With the increase in automation and introduction of updated technologies, employers require individuals who are trained in the latest technologies and who can handle using new ones too.

This is why, IIHT believes that the ONLY cure to even start off, stay on, grow and flourish in the destructive market of the IT industry is to upskill, cross-skill, reskill and also move on to expert skill. Here is a look at how we help organizations make the change:

Cross skilling:Today, an employee who can work with both front end and back end technologies will be preferred over someone who has expertise only in one of the two areas. This is because the work environment is highly volatile with the constant shift in required job roles. So cross skilling – learning up new areas of work will always be beneficial to any team. IIHT’s Lateral Learning trains your employees in skills used to carry out other functionalities for a project. This way he or she can switch and increase productivity.

Upskilling: Technologies get upgraded regularly and IT companies adapt to the latest changes as fast as they can. Every company looks forward to hiring employees who have professional training in the latest technologies. This is why it is important that your working professionals regularly upskill by going taking the premium upskilling courses from Lateral Learning at IIHT where the latest versions of the most important technologies are taught.

Reskilling: One may have a thorough knowledge of a specific technology but to be a leader in the area, one should become a true expert in translating business strategies into high impact technological solutions. Reskilling helps individuals sharpen their business acumen and analytic skills. A lot of leaders in the industry became obsolete after a certain period of time because they did not bother to reskill. Reskilling is key to growth in the IT industry. It helps one transform technology to meet new business priorities, which is finally what every IT company is looking for. Leadership positions are no longer the sole proprietorship of the MBAs. When organizations get into the habit of reskilling at regular intervals, they can pick candidates for higher positions within their existing workforce.

Expert skilling: While cross skilling is spreading your skillset breadth wise, expert skilling is going in deep. Getting hands-on experience in technology while solving real-world problems under the guidance of industry experts can be very different from just learning the technical know-how on the surface. A thorough expert means a project well taken care of. An expert at a technology is seen as an asset to the company. Organizations can now create their own experts from within their work force instead of looking for them with the help of the expert IT training services under the Lateral Learning solutions.



Effective training programs require top notch course content. The information that needs to be delivered is just important as how it is delivered. Content Development service at IIHT includes well researched curriculum design by industry experts. The process involves the technologies explained, methodologies portrayed, and research of scope with respect to your organizational growth and needs.

The content is developed based on how the course is delivered – web based, instructor led or self learning with tools such as videos. IIHT also develops content for hybrid model of deliverance. Organizations will need to continuously adopt various means of learning content that is centered around global class curriculum design, and learning methods so as to remain innovative and competitive in the ever evolving IT environment.

  • Providing intellectual or knowledge-based content through an online means of delivery
  • Published information is aggregated, sorted and displayed in a relevant and usable way
  • Content comprises courses, articles, videos, infographics and other types of digital learning objects
  • We at IIHT have created the framework model that defines the key business processes

When training organizations are responsible for providing intellectual or knowledge-based content through an online means of delivery through a learning portal, the information that is published must be aggregated, sorted and displayed in a relevant and usable way. This activity is the responsibility of one or more content curators. A content curator is the person accountable for gathering, organizing and updating relevant information included in the portal. Content includes, but is not limited to, courses, articles, videos, photographs/drawings, blogs, research reports, case studies, and other types of digital learning objects.

The growth of content curation as an essential process prompted its addition to the Training Process Framework way back in 2012. We at IIHT have created the framework model that defines the key business processes associated with managing a training organization.


IIHT process of content curation:

  • Aggregation
  • Distillation
  • Elevation
  • Mashups
  • Chronology

In general, the training profession has identified five specific activities that can occur within the process of content curation:

  • Aggregation: The act of curating data that is relevant for a specific topic within a single location.
  • Distillation: Curating data in a simplified format that shares only the most relevant and the important information.
  • Elevation: The act of identifying within the curation process a significant trend that has emerged from online postings.
  • Mashups: An outcome resulting from the merger of certain curated content that produces a new and innovative viewpoint or perspective.
  • Chronology: A method of curation that organizes historical information by date to show the evolution and understanding of a specific topic.

The future of content creation is a powerful blend of technology and technique. Most organizations embrace the former, so the latter will become a bigger priority in the coming days. We all are aware that days of being first and/or loudest are over, and stop seeking shortcuts that hurt content quality; instead we need to design and build creative, brilliant and prolific content.


The most authentic way of determining an employee’s IT skill set is by the certifications he or she has acquired. In order to be a part of the growing industry, it is important to stay tuned with technological changes that demand any organization’s workforce to professionally upgrade and get certified by noteworthy credentials. An organization that has skilled and certified resources does better with:

  • Providing quality, future ready deliverables
  • Boosts the company’s reputation
  • Widens business opportunities
  • Increase in client acceptance
  • Higher trust from clients in terms of project handling in competent hands
  • Enhancement of professional image of organization therefore increasing marketability
  • Adds zeal in the career of your employees to give their best performance to the organization