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Learning Platforms

IIHT has been a pioneer in creation of cutting edge learning platforms apart from services of transitioning from offering one-time training events to offering Learning as a Service; from delivering standard ILT training to delivering customized training solutions; from engaging clients’ once-per-year to providing continuous learning services – all done through deep industry exposure and innovation.

As technology goes on to change and impact a broad set of professions, various organizations are adapting our learning platform. IIHT has offerings to provide greater access to the same enterprise training and hands on experiences that drive 200 of the Fortune 500 companies with some of the training partners who are the ones that created the technology.

Platform as a Service:

  • This is not just training, it’s about complete learning solutions
  • It caters to the needs of learners who want course access anytime, anywhere
  • We approach the creation of training solutions with the same mindset as solving a problem – utmost care and keen consideration of company goals.

With a need to automate training methods, systems and processes, there is a need to transition to online training software. Undoubtedly, learners want to access learning contents at their convenience through their systems, mobiles, tablets etc. There is a significant need to ensure that the training system is accessible on various devices across various browsers and platforms. IIHT serves all of these needs, just as ordered.



Techademy is IIHT’s exclusive flagship brainchild where learners gain hands-on experience with cutting-edge training infrastructure that includes CloudLabs integration for live projects. It is a platform that provides unlimited courses, cloud labs connect assessments around it, provide automated grading and feedback, notifications to learners, tracking and reporting, custom branding, manager views, certification view, virtual training capabilities, integration with other systems, and social learning features.

The IT learning solution at IIHT has taken the form of a dynamic tool, the IIHT Techademy that is omni present in features. The IIHT Techademy is a harmonious mix of online learning and face to face learning. This blended style of learning has 10 major drivers:

  • Improve ability to personalize learning
  • Potential for individual progress
  • Improve student engagement and motivation
  • Online tests
  • Need to extend time and stretch resources
  • Potential to extend the reach of effective teachers
  • Ability to improve working conditions
  • Decrease device costs
  • Student and parent adoption of learning app
  • Interest of growing the digital drive

Below are key features of the Techademy:

  1. Hugely Scalable: There is no limit to the number of participants in each session. Sessions can scale without any impact on internet bandwidth or functionality. At any time, each user in the session will require just 1 Mbps (upload & download) internet bandwidth
  2. Real-time and Simultaneous Interaction with very low latency: All participants in the session can simultaneously Write, Draw, Annotate on the whiteboard and on content at the SAME time. This interaction is visible to everybody, also at the same time. In most other products, writing and annotation is visible to other participants only at the END of the event
  3. Real-time Interaction on Video Content: Any of the participants can play video content. This is synchronized across the network and visible to all other participants. Video can be paused and all participants can interact on the paused video
  4. Real-time and Simultaneous Editing: Excel files, Word Documents & PowerPoint presentations can be edited simultaneously by all participants in the session without the requirement of MS Office on local devices. Most other collaboration tools do this via Application Sharing and this limits editing to one person at a time
  5. Session Summarization: All annotation and writing across multiple media (Documents, Presentations, Spreadsheets, PDF Files, Images and Videos) are extracted and consolidated on one PDF file at the end of the session. This can be shared among all participants, or re-used during subsequent sessions


IIHT offers the most demanded and basic of courses, coding in trending programming languages to corporates under the Decode program. Programming languages often roll out new versions that need to be understood with professional training. Hands on training in latest technologies lies as the core feature of IIHT. The training is conducted by industry experts in well equipped labs where employees’ get in depth, thorough knowledge of coding.

Employees’ are taught from reference programming languages or right from the bare basics with encouragement in logical thinking. IIHT has achieved the right ratio of facilitator led training and individual practice in order to make employees’ perfect with their application of logical thinking into making viable program solutions.


World’s first verticalized “Infrastructure as a Service” catering to IT Training Industry & Software Verification and Validation Industry

i-Topology is a solution that is a melange of Infrastructure as a service, Learning as a service and Service as a service. The innovative solutions improve overall efficiency and transform the organizational culture. Opt for any of these services and enjoy an impeccable user experience. All our services are flexible and customizable and they come with a ‘Pay for what you use’ benefit.

Organizational Requirements

  • Technological advancements means adopting new software and a need for high-end infrastructure, as embracing new methods at work becomes mandatory. It also involves investment in terms of time, money and efforts
  • An Organization needs customizable and cost effective solutions for activities such as testing and development, website hosting, storage, backup and recovery, web apps, high-performance computing, big data analysis, etc

To facilitate as per organizational needs, IIHT identifies (through analysis of projects in the pipeline, organizational goals, workforce skills and technology environment) how your digital talent can have the most impact. To adopt i-Topology as a service is to eliminate capital expense and reduce the ongoing cost, with an increasing stability, reliability and supportability



Assessment is a key component in technological training. Whether or not the employee can grasp the technology training that is being delivered can be measured effectively with assessment. IIHT’s Pariksha is an initiative to help employees assess themselves and helps corporate assess their employees. The service helps motivate employees, increasing their zeal to put in their best while also setting tangible goals for improvement. Pariksha is also an efficient way for employers to check the expertise level of employees’ before assigning projects as per their ability. This ensures smooth flow of projects, design of effort sheets and appropriate delegation of tasks.

Pariksha includes 3 types of assessments:

  1. Knowledge-based: Here, all theoretical knowledge of programming, technologies and methodologies are tested. This is done via MCQs.
  2. Skill-based: A fair and accurate evaluation of employees’ competency in carrying out or performing a job function is tested. This is done with exercises and assignments.
  3. Application-based: This kind of assessment evaluates the ability of the employees’ to effectively apply their gained knowledge and skills in developing technological solutions that are viable. This is done through project work and case studies.

Cloud Labs connect assessments by providing automated grading and feedback, notifications to learners, tracking and reporting, custom branding, manager views, certification view, virtual training capabilities, integration with other systems along with social learning features.

The goal of summative assessment is to evaluate student learning at the end of an instructional unit by comparing it against some standard or benchmark.